Anette Records

Blindspot – Mars Athletics *
Ancient Mith – And The Dead Shall Lie There
Dot – Alice *
Björn Peng – Darkrave *
Lama L.A. – Affe Maria
Morti Viventear – Trip De Boucles Piquées
Mattr. – A Brief History Of Nothing
Morti Viventear – Lovecraftsmanship *


Logotype, corporate design and release artworks for Berlin based record label Anette Records

Our goal was to incorporate their concept into their logotype. No matter the medium it always should look kind of analogue or flawed to imply the do-it-yourself attitude.
We printed the word Anette on some good old erasor paper sheets and traced the letters with fine-liners and brush pens. The results were a lot of beautiful bleeding wiggly lines. The sheets were then scanned, vectorized and cleaned up. The font Generika is used for most copy texts on the releases to complete the DIY image.
Anette is a small independent DIY music label, based in Berlin. Every vinyl release is limited to 200-300 copies each, the covers are screen printed and hand numbered. The process of manufacturing is done by a very small team in Anette’s hometown. This is an ongoing project.

Additional Credits

Art Direction & Design: Moritz Welker
Photography (misty flowers): Yves Krier
* Illustration: Musclebeaver / Andreas Kronbeck


Anette Records · Ancient Mith, Bent Denim, Björn Peng, Blindspot, Dot, Lama L.A., Mattr., Morti Viventear, My First Trumpet

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