Refinement of my personal identity and website relaunch

Graphic designers make identities, logos and visual concepts for a living. However, the toughest task is to actually master your own professional identity. Nonetheless as you evolve design language and understanding evolves as well. In the end, time wears logos out and they need to be redesigned to brand what is in.
I decided to stay with my signature, which serves as my logo and a timeless color palette of greys, blacks, and creamy yellow hues. My refined identity marries the classical and modernity with the room for evolution.
The business cards are printed on 300g/m² Gmund Colors 02 so the edges have a yellow accent to fit with my identity colors. In addition the logotype on the front features a discreet embossing. Promotional mailings are printed on 100g/m² Gmund Colors GC 02 with partial varnishing on both sides and they come wrapped in matte-black envelopes.

Additional Credits

Website Development: Daniel von Mitschke
Printer: Parat Druck

Print Editions

The promotional mailings are planned to be a series of strongly limited prints. Follow on Twitter to stay updated.

Further Work