Venus Metallica


Lookbook, image editing and visual concepts for SCHAAF’s SS 2013 collection Venus Metallica

For her SS 13 Collection SCHAAF focused on the Escapee—one of the characters introduced in her last collection—The female warrior Venus Metallica now lives inside a green house in the post-apocalyptic world spending her time talking to holographed ravens and playing with guardian wolves.
The lookbook consists of 16 cards / looks plus an additional cover card which are printed holohedral on the front with information about the outfits on the back. Every photo has been reworked digitally. Therefore Venus Metallica’s environment seems holographed, transient and unreal.
All cards are wrapped in silver semi-transparent plastic bags to emphasize the futuristic aura of the collection and imagery.

Additional Credits

Art Direction & Design: Moritz Welker
Contributors: Maret Loopalu, Tobias Knipf
Photography: Alescha Birkenholz
Jewellery & Shoes: Florian Weichsberger
Bags: Le Château En Coleur
Styling: Miriam Schaaf, Markus Seer
Product Photography: Yves Krier



Further Work